Installing TSteel3D for the first time

When you install TSteel3D for the first time, the software creates de the license file and register your computer in our web server. As soon as the program register your computer you will receive the following message :

You can always check your license status clicking at the License menu. You will see the license form the expiration date, and your computer ID. The client name and the serial Key will be filled when you register your software.

When the Trial License expires

You will receive warnings from the software when your available time gets less than five days. After the expiration date, when you try to run TSteel, you will probably receive the following message :

After pressing OK, you will have access to the license form.

Click the Activate button and enter the Serial Key:

After registering a valid serial Key, you will receive the message:

You are ready to start using TSteel full version.

When your license (serial key) expires

The expired license is treated as a Viewer license. So, you can keep using your license indefinitely at the Viewer mode.

If you need a Full License, you just need to renew it with our commercial contact. After renewing your license, try to rerun the software and in the license form, click the update button.

Update button: It forces the software to check your license data in our web server.

Deactivate button: When you want to deactivate your license in the current computer to activate it in another one. (See below: How to transfer your license to another computer)

The Viewer License

The viewer license is free and never expires. You can obtain a Viewer license from two ways:

  1. Send us an e-mail asking for it, and we will send you a serial key.
  2. After your full license expires, it turns into a Viewer license automatically

The difference between the Viewer and Full license is that the viewer has the following limitations:

  • It cannot save your model or drawings
  • It cannot use API or import/export model to Tekla®
  • It cannot export the model to any other file formats

How to transfer your license to another computer

First, make sure you have saved your serial key. You will need it during the operation.

Do the following procedure:

  1. Run the program on the first computer.
  2. Open the license form and press the Deactivate button. After this, your computer can’t run TSteel anymore.
  3. Run TSteel at the second computer and register your serial key in this computer.

You can transfer your license how many times you wish, always taking care to save the serial key.