TSteel 3D

Considering the need of having an affordable 3D modeler, we decided to create our own tool: TSteel3D.It is a 3D modeler designed to work with steel structures, developed to fulfill an experienced detailed oriented team: our team.

TSteel is able to create and maintain 3D steel structures models and to share it with the main programs in the market such as Autocad®, Sap2000® and Tekla®. So, you can work with your model in TSteel and export/import it to your favorite platform. The advantage of doing this? The cost. TSteel license costs are much cheaper than other platforms and still give you the necessary tools to work with your models.

TSteel is already a complete modeler for steel structures and keep growing fast. Now we are working towards the next stage: create 2D drawings and CNC files.

Why TSteel

  • Developed using a powerful graphic engine. As a result, it can handle heavy models easily
  • It was developed to work in a similar way to software already in the market, so it is easy to learn and work with it.
  • It can import/export the models to any version of Tekla®, DWG® and SAP2000
  • If you made some modifications in your model using TSteel, you can synchronize them to your Tekla® model. Therefore, you can use TSteel as an affordable license to work and maintain your Tekla® model.
  • It has an API that allows you to implement whatever you want using C#.

Boolean operations, Cut planes, Fit planes.

TSteel can handle any kind of Boolean operation, allowing you to make the adjustments and cuts in your parts. The Boolean parts can be edited, removed or copied as you wish. Cut and Fit planes are also available, and they are easy to add, remove and edit.

Beam properties

You can easily modify your beam properties, including profiles, material, class, position, etc…


You can easily modify your columns properties in a similar way you do with beams, but with a form that fits to the columns necessities.

Contour plates

Contour plates are created based on a polyline that defines its contour. After that you can edit the properties, including name, thickness, material, class and position.

Bolt Group

You can create and edit your bolt groups, including all information regarding your bolts as the information needed to correctly place them in your structure.


TSteel can create and edit the most common types of steel connections.

Plan View

You can work directly on your 3D model or choose a 2D plan to work with. You can create any 2D plan view you need and work with a local Work Plan.

Profile and Material Catalog

You can create and maintain your profile catalog the way you need. You can import the profiles catalog from different models and even import from a Tekla© model.

Bill of Material

You can easily get your list of material of the entire model or considering only part of the model. The list can be exported to Excel© or to a Text File easily.